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Thread: Aerotech Engines Limited in Canada???

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    Aerotech Engines Limited in Canada???

    Does anyone know anything about Aerotech Engines Limited of Canada? Looking for any info pros or cons. thanks

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    I'm in New England and have used them on multiple occasions, mostly for insured prop strikes and high time engines with low oil pressure. All I had to do was pull the engine out of the plane and remove the accessories. They stopped by on their way through, picked it up, and then dropped it off, bolted to a simple wooden shipping mount, a few weeks later, ready to bolt in. I sent one engine to them, a prop strike, that had about 20 hours on it since Heart of Texas had majored it. Aerotech found all kinds of things wrong with it and helped the owner confront those rascals and get some money back. Nice people who will work with you, and I have yet to hear any complaints about their work. Their prices and time required to complete the job are a LOT less than the engine shops in the Northeastern US, and no crating and arranging for shipping hassles. I highly recommend them only because they've earned my trust and respect.

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