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Thread: I heard felon cant work at an airpoort, even with A &P, how can this be true?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingRon View Post
    Yes, I didn't cut the entire rule because I was just after the list of offenses. The lookback is indeed ten years from the date of application for SIDA to the date of conviction.
    Okay, so I'm not losing it!!

    Wouldn't surprise if the powers that be changed it though.
    Someday I'll come up with something profound to put here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallory View Post
    Not to reopen an old wound. but a JobPath exec told me that they try to get students local jobs, and the Tucson employers they work with swear that by FAA rules that no felon can work at an airport or even be on runway. I argue, this Can't be so, I 've been on a bit of Tucson Air Strip a few times as required for my class. This makes no sense, if I cant get a job, then why was I accepted into the A & P program? Why did I get a Federal Pell Grant? Common Sense, these would not come through if there was no chance.

    Also my Teachers deny this, they have seen a couple felons get hi grades, licenses, and jobs. FAA Part 13 doesn't mention this nor have I
    seen this anywhere in FAA regs.

    I told Job Path that is only Those employers' Policies , Not the law, and I still get denied their help. IDK who they are but I've heard bad
    things about Bombardier by guys who work/worked there.
    No idea who/what Job Path is. There are restrictions for the FAA, TSA, and DHS dealing with felonies. Others posted the list. The look back period is generally 10 years; you would have to read the details to find if ten years from offense or ten years from end of time served.
    Your best bet for employment is likely with a small mechanics shop, not the airlines or corporate to start. Because of the SIDA issues others mentioned.
    (One of the better mechanics I have used was a convicted felon, but that was twenty years in the past)

    Good luck,


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    The SIDA restriction (and the DC-3 rules which mimic the same text) are ten years from the date of CONVICTION.

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