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Thread: When is a Medical Certificate Required ?

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    When is a Medical Certificate Required ?

    In the current issue of Flying Magazine, John King talks about getting back in the cockpit after a year long absence due to a Medical issue.

    Is there a legal requirement that he not fly even if a qualified pilot were in the right seat?

    Or was he in self imposed exile? Does the Falcon 10 require two pilots? -thanks

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    It has more than six seats and is well over 6000#, and I'm guessing they fly at well above FL180 and 250 kt, so BasicMed would not be an option. There may be more reasons.
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    Yes. according to John King's article "My Odyssey Through The FAA Medical Certification Maze", he states

    "I am particularly fortunate. If I were to I lose my medical, I could still fly with Martha. It just means that for our long-distance flying we would need to trade our old Falcon 10 for a lower-performance airplane that doesn’t require two pilots."

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    Quote Originally Posted by N404CX View Post
    Does the Falcon 10 require two pilots? -thanks
    It does.

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    All pilots who are exercising the privileges of their pilot certificate need the medical appropriate to that certificate.

    This includes aircraft that require two pilots.
    It includes flight operations requiring two pilots such as most 121/135 operations.
    Being pilot in command of a aircraft / operation requiring only one pilot.
    Being safety pilot during simulated instrument flight.

    Otherwise, you don't need a medical, even if you are flying the plane (as long as someone else is pilot in command).
    Note that giving instruction is not exercising your pilot privileges. You only need the medical then if one of the above cases is also happening (such as the student isn't legally able to be pilot in command so you must be or you are also serving as safety pilot in simulated instrument flight).

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