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Thread: Compliments and suggestions!

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    Compliments and suggestions!

    I would like to thank EAA for some of the improvements they made this year. I didn't see a spot on the survey to list them. The new pavilion at HBC was excellent. It included grills to. Very nice. Improved bathrooms were very nice to. The Mobil bathroom east of the forums was better this year. The new Quonset hut near the war birds was great.
    Understanding that it's only 7 days out of 365 here are some suggestions for next year. Installing a sidewalk that runs the full length of W Waukau Ave would increase safety for all the walkers from parking out by the expressway. Increase the number of hookups in the remote camping sites, maybe just electrical hook ups next year then water the following year, then leave it up to the sewer trucks for dumping. Camping is huge group at Oshkosh. We maybe just a few nosy generators from having a riot out there. Maybe you could look into some type of safe electric cable deployment for the event that could be removed later during the year. Maybe consider making camp scroller a spring, summer, fall working camp ground. (This maybe in effect already, I have limited knowledge in this matter). Consider running the shuttles starting at 7am. As veteran attendees are starting earlier to avoid the crowds later in the day. Daily attendance seemed much larger each day than previous years. Overall I think you guys at EAA did a great job! See you next year.

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    A sidewalk along Knapp street on the outside of the perimeter fence would greatly enhance safety and comfort as well.

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    Add a line of Porta-Johns along the south side of the fence in the Control Tower shuttle terminal pavilion area. LOTS of concentrated pedestrians/passengers there but the nearest facilities are in Exhibit Hangar C or north and west of the fence line 'hidden' behind the A&W area and a cargo container. Quite inconvenient.

    It 'seemed' like there were fewer Portas this year? I recall previous years thinking that there was nowhere you could stand at AirVenture and not see one. Not so much this year.
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    Please JetGuy, no more electric hook ups. I am slowly being pushed to the highway.

    Bill L
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    People, the gen public really seemed to like the Sat night show. I noticed the first night a lot of people esp outside the gates. The next nigth I saw a lot of people leaving after the warbird show late afternoon, with Blue Angels stiil to fly, think that was Friday, On Sat there was warbirds, again B-25s, B-29s , then Blue Angels, then the night show and there were really a lot of people especially up by the terminal the shopping center and outside the fence. One thing I liked about that Blue Angel show is it was the right length seemed to be 25 min or so, keeps peoples attention. I didnt see all the night showm but saw the fireworks as I was driving to Fod Du Lac and heard Sun how good they were.

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    We are new to EAA and the event and camp grounds and want to say that we think it is a first class deal and loved it. Not one complaint from us. We will be back every year for the rest of my life I hope.

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    More drinking fountains! (I can't help it, I'm from Arizona).
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrasch View Post
    More drinking fountains! (I can't help it, I'm from Arizona).
    I was surprised and thankful for these as I rode my bike around.

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    I send out a thank you to all the volunteers as well as the paid individuals who make "Oshkosh" possible. It is an event my husband and I have looked forward to every year since the early 80's. I hope those that have a final say in the changes/improvements that are made each and every year, read these posts. I look at every comment not as a criticisms of one but as a justifiable means to improve the overall experience for all. It's the totality that makes it great. From the airshows, vendors, food, displays, workshops, forums, movies, entertainment, to the meeting up with friends in the campsites that you have not seen in a year. As well as counting each and every individuals perception of their experience.

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