I needed some oil. I needed only one quart, but that was not an option on the slip. It said, "fill to ____ quarts." So I wrote in "8." Almost inevitably, I returned to my airplane to find eight quarts of oil left under the nose of the plane.

I brought the seven quarts I didn't need to Basler when I went to settle my bill. They had not yet made up my bill yet and they took the oil back without any issue.

The woman at Basler said that they will not put oil in the plane. I can understand that, but they need to change the text of their order card. Even as written, the attendant could check the dipstick, see that there was about seven quarts, and then leave one quart. Better is to change the text on the tag.

Other than that I refueled twice. (Parked in Warbirds) The first time it was filled within 2 hours. The second time it was more than a full day before action. Fortunately I had enough fuel for my participation in Thursday's warbirds show, so it wasn't an issue.