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Thread: Airventure Wifi was good in 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyfixer8 View Post
    Left computer home, carried phone in case needed and enjoyed Airventure. Why bring computer anyway ?
    That depends on your definition of "computer". My iPhone is a fairly powerful computer, as is the 8" Samsung tablet I use. As for why to bring the latter, I use it for web browsing, email, carrying all of my reference material for the plane, flight planning, weather, in-flight ADS-B traffic display and a few other things. I could do without it, but why not have it if possible? It weighs less than a paperback, though it cost a bit more.

    Fortunately my phone has an unlimited data plan and personal hotspot (thank you, O Benevolent Employer) so the lack of wifi was not a huge issue.
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    I bring my iPad mini for checking email, web browsing, and for FaceTime to call home. It has a camera for sharing photos on forums instantly at Oshkosh. My iPad only works with wifi.
    I don't have a computer at home anymore.

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    We were in Scholler at 37th and Lindbergh (right across the street from the Cirrus Party.........) and WiFi was very good up until the convention started...... After that, despite good signal strength, actually getting to the internet was mostly not possible. Good thing I have decent cell data plans. For those questioning the need for a "computer" while at EAA, among other things it's great to take a peek at weather and see if that storm out to the west will miss us, or is it time to batten down the hatches!
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