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Thread: Creating Fairings and Other Gap Coverings via PVC or Other Tapes

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    Creating Fairings and Other Gap Coverings via PVC or Other Tapes

    Hi there,

    Been trying to locate a tape or other malleable plastic that I can use to create ad-hoc (aka: in situ) small fairings or to use to seal various gaps. This would replace the need to manually form a fiberglass or metal piece to perform this action, and is applicable only to non-structural applications.

    Key attributes:

    1. Preferably is already provided adhesive on backing (but not required - can add VHB if needed)
    2. Is available in different colors, but minimally white
    3. Is available in 1", 2" and (less importantly) 3" widths
    4. Presumably ships in rolls
    5. Is perhaps 1cm thick (the material needs to be thick enough to maintain form as applied, so its not a 20mil problem), but actual thickness is TBD
    6. May be available in more than flat form factors (45' filled angles for instance)
    7. Can be formed at application (stretched to form to mild angles, such as along the intersection of a wing and a fuselage)
    8. Can be a material (a composite) which adheres, can be formed, and then cures and hardens with the application of heat, or other factor (this is preferable actually)

    I have seen this stuff on cars and planes in the past, including today at Oshkosh. However, no one I asked seems to know what the stuff is called, and hence its hard to nail down and order some.

    Here is an example of the material, likely PVC and being used here to seal a gap in the skins. Note this is solid material, not foam tape. Its also not Vinyl wrap (which is quite thinner than this).

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    Any ideas?

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    I guess what you are describing is something used by sailplane owners. Its called GAP SEAL TAPE. Here's an outfit that I have shopped at: They are in Minn or Wisc. Scroll down on the R. side of the page and find "TAPE".


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    Thanks Bob. This is definitely closer, and addresses one of the needs (general gaps). I'm also looking for both formable plastics in the 100mil range, and a tape that is much thicker then the 0.14mm in Bowlus' version.

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    White sheet acrylic is avaiable in various thicknesses and will form easily with a heat gun. Try home depot or similar and I think you can get it from aircraft spruce.

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