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    Quote Originally Posted by troy_m View Post
    If you're on Facebook, try searching for "Oshkosh Forum Recordings".
    You will NOT find the audio recordings on the EAA website. Nor will you find them on Facebook. These are just many of the teases, torments and suspicions propagated by the few who sit in high chairs and look down upon us, the little people. Suffice it to say, the recordings are a closely guarded EAA secret, at least until they find a way around privacy rights, public domain rulings and laws which may warrant the guarantee of mega $$$. Save yourself, time and just let it go.

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    Ironically perverse considering it would be a simple matter to give presenters the opportunity to sign a waiver at the time of forum proposal.

    I've presented several forums and would have signed a release so people who don't attend Oshkosh can buy a copy of a forum. In the past I've purchased them.

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