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Thread: Windows that are openable and securable

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    Windows that are openable and securable

    As a BD4C builder, I have tweaked a few things and now have Gull-style doors (open upward). This allows a ton of air while on a hot taxiway. However, it may be preferable to also have windows that can be opened, such as with the 172 (etc.).

    Anyone have some suggestions on ideas to look at, prior art of designs (regardless of which aircraft it was deployed in)?

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    Look at the modified "jump doors" used on se Cessna skydiving aircraft that open upwards. Incorporate a window frame that opens outward within the door frame with a latch just like on most Cessna singles.

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    The prewar Taylorcrafts had top hinged windows like on the later Cessnas (postwar T-Crafts had sliding windows). Both the welded steel frame doors (early models) and wood doors (late prewar) had the top hinged windows. One thing I liked is that unlike on a Cessna, you could remove the lock screw from the link at the bottom and allow the window to hinge up against the wing.

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