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Thread: Road Rage, Air Rage

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    (I win, according to Godwin's Law)
    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    I got P.O.d on the radio at my home base airport -- uncontrolled E16 -- one time in my C-150 and used a few choice expletives over the radio when I nearly collided with a C172 doing pattern work. I thought he had cut in front of me and ignored my radio calls. An airplane appeared about 30 feet underneath me on final approach to RWY 32. He never saw me. I saw him at the last few seconds. I guess I was a bit annoyed that I nearly died in a horrible flaming wreck. I filed a NASA report on the incident. I also went to the airport manager and listened to the recording of the radio transmissions. After an investigation, it turns out the other guy did nothing wrong. We both were transmitting at the same time and cancelled each other out on the radio. If anything, I was more at fault than the other guy. He did one of those LOOOOONG downwind legs that students often do, and I probably cut in front of HIM oblivious of his presence. BTW, immediately after the incident, the other guy landed and came over to talk to me and shook my hand and apologized if he did anything wrong.

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    Mark congrats on reviewing in your own head and concluding that maybe you were more at fault. It just seems so rare these days that anyone ever does this, rather they just put all blame on the other guy. Great for him that he came over to smoooth it over after you landed.
    And if all blame is on the other guy, then no one ever needs to change what they are doing and nothing gets improved.
    I have a friend that was actually a bad pilot, he owned a STOL airplane, even though he didnt fly into short strips and yet I rode with him once when he almost overshot a 6000 foot runway, As we passed about the 4500 point still 15 feet in the air, I looked out the window at the lineman looking up in amazment as we passed him with the pilot still refusing to go around, even after I suggested that. He finallly got it down and stopped in the last 500 ft.Surprisingly he was a skilled carpenter.
    When I tried to talk to him after the fligth, saying we were too fast and should have gone around, he just brushed it off and said the airplane was so great it couild land in 500 ft. He's one guy who really was below average as a pilot, I dont think I ever flew with him again.
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