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Thread: How hard Is it to get job after A & P class?

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    If you're giving up that quick, perhaps A&P just wasn't for you.
    Someday I'll come up with something profound to put here.

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    Oh I can do it all right. Quantum Mechanics, too, But I just don't have the time or energy at my age to do 7 or 8 hour classes, and I doubt I will have many productive years left after I get the cert, in theory. I'll be 62, minimum, . when/If I get it. Most employers don't hire OG's no matter what the law says.

    I already have 2 as degrees in electronics plus a year of Chemistry and engiing. classes ering, some C/Word/Excell asses, So Im noquitter, just cant stand the punks I mt clss.

    I wish this were attainable online . I have an amateur Extra ticket

    I said; this thread's Closed. One of my teachers stressed writing/reading English...
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    WTF are you trying to communicate?

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