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Thread: How hard Is it to get job after A & P class?

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    Sorry computer glitches a Lot on this forum.

    My teacher talks a lot of jobs at Bombardeer, Mesa , SW Air, but then mentions how Slipshod Bomb is..I don't wanna work there.

    I can always retire in two years, I don't need the work. He also sez Id be working graveyard, and sweeping hangers/changing loo filters for2 years before I Touch an engine. S*** That! .

    Getting discouraged..maybee my 5 year pipe dream was just so much smoke? I already paid back part of my Pell Grant.

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    Maybe you need to expand your market of opportunities......pretty sure you could go somewhere like Oscoda Mi and get a job in Kalitta's engine shop. If that's what you want to do.

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