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Thread: Leather Wrapping of Control Yoke

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    Leather Wrapping of Control Yoke

    Hello aviation craftsmen and craftswomen. Does anyone have any experience wrapping their control yokes with leather? I know that there are companies that will do this for a price (and a high price at that) but I would like to try doing this myself. If you have any recommendations, advice, or tips that you can share I would be grateful. Thank you.

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    There are a number of videos on you tube showing how to do such work. I have considered doing mine but never enough hours in a day.

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    The person doing the leather work on YouTube makes it look so easy. I agree that this may take many hours to do a decent job.

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    I recently did this to an old pretzel style Cessna 140 yolk that I used on a homebuilt. I found this outfit online that makes custom size leather for your application. They take your measurements for grip diameter, wheel circumference and color and make you the right piece. It took me about an hour and cost about $60.

    I was satisfied with the product. They sent me the wrong one initially but all it took was one email and they had the right one on the way along with an RMA tag for the old one. I know that service is often a concern when buying over the internet but I give this place my recommendation.
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    A maintenance shop owner friend will take off every leather wrap that comes into his shop for an annual due to corrosion that he has found under the wraps. He has a couple of yokes in his office that are badly corroded to show the effect of years of moisture etc. and not being checked. Just something to think about.

    I like the look and feel personally.
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    This company makes them for all sorts of airplanes. I've had them on my P172D for 13 years. They're easy to install, they fit well, and they're reasonable quality. I had them made with mic PTT on each of them. That option comes with plugs and jacks so that they don't have to be hard-wired, but my IA did that for me anyway. They make long flights more comfortable.

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