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    Question Bike Rentals

    Hi Folks,

    What are some recommendations for bicycle rentals in the Oshkosh/Appleton area? I'll probably have to rent a bike carrier/helmet/lock too.

    I'm coming via commercial into Appleton on 7/19 and heading home early 7/27. On the first few days I'll be up in N/W Wisconsin visiting relatives then arriving at AV early Sunday morning. I'll use the bike for riding the country roads up in the north woods, then to bike locally around Oshkosh.

    I'm looking for something that's less than $200/week. The cheapest I've seen so far is $320/week. My rental car is less than that.

    Anyhow, thanks for any suggestions.


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    You might consider visiting one of the many Walmarts in the area and just buying a bike for $150 or less? Afterwards you could donate it locally?

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    Goodwill store right across the street from the airport. Buy a bike cheap, ride it all week, donate it back when you are done.

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    Mike, last year I went to the Goodwill near the airport and bought two bikes for $40.00 each. They were small and not much to look at but they worked and saved us a lot of walking. When we got ready to leave, we just gave them to our camp neighbors. Bob

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    Thanks folks. All good ideas.

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