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Thread: Looking for a kit plane

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    Looking for a kit plane

    My chapter is looking for a kit plane to build and then use for flight instruction...we would prefer something fabric covered with a steel tube frame, tricycle gear, and side by side seating. any suggestions would be wonderful

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    Kitfox is the first thing that comes to mind when you say steel tube, tri-gear, side-by-side. There's a lot of them out there, so you might be able to find something in the pre-owned market that didn't get very far along. Someone with more Kitfox experience could comment as to which model is preferred for which features / do they make reasonable trainers...
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    The Just Aircraft Highlander or Escapade Would be, by far, my first choice. A Gentleman i know at my home airport has built at least 3 and they are an amazing flying aircraft. The Escapade is convertible from tail wheel or tricycle, has a folding wing and a great use full load (if i remember right 700#)! I flew one at Oshkosh and it has great balanced controls and plenty of power on 100 hp. I hope to build a Highlander with a 912s when i finish my Chief project. Talk to Gary tell him Pat from Minnesota said to call.

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