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Thread: Non Chemical Paint Stripping.

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    If your concerned about the toxicity of chemical strippers you might take a look at Stewart's Systems paint stripper. Like all of their products it is not chemical based and is considered non-toxic. I've never used their stripper but I did use the Stewart's products to cover and paint my plane. I did everything in my garage which is attached to my house. I couldn't use any solvent based glue or paint because of the vapors/odors getting into the house. Stewart's products were all pretty benign. While spray painting I used minimal protective equipment like latex gloves, Tyvex Coverall ($10 Home Depot) respirator ($30 Home Depot.) I used the glue with bare hands and no respirator.
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    Thanks again for all the great information. Speaking of Stewart Systems, any thoughts on the EkoCrylic topcoat paint? The optimum would be to find a good metal paint that isn't quite as deadly toxic to spray as the others.

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    Soda isn't corrosive if it's completely washed off but use caution using it on aluminum. As I understand it - third hand, take if for what it's worth - the Air Force won't allow soda blasting on aluminum any longer because the particles of soda can become lodged in the grains of the aluminum and are nearly impossible to remove. They then (a) can cause corrosion and (b) can start a stress riser / crack. Plastic or walnut is their preferred abrasive.

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