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Thread: Problem with Online Sport Aviation Search Tool

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    Problem with Online Sport Aviation Search Tool

    It's either a glitch, or a function that has not yet been implemented. But the "Narrow the results" function doesn't work for me.

    Say I enter "Wanttaja" as an initial search term. I get 51 results. If I click "Narrow the results" and add "Baby" to the search term, I'd expect to see all results that had both "Wanttaja" and "Baby"...a subset of the 51. But I get over 2500 hits. The search function is "Or"-ing the terms, giving results that include EITHER Wanttaja or Baby.

    With this, the "Narrow the results" function isn't much use.....

    Ron Wanttaja

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    Hi Ron -

    You're right - that's exactly how it's working. I know our IT folks are aware of it, but I'll pass it along as well. Unfortunately, the search engine doesn't recognize AND, so "Wanttaja AND Baby" gives you the same 2500-ish results.

    Thanks for the heads-up!


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