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Thread: Wanted: Warbird Flight

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    Wanted: Warbird Flight

    Got an extra seat? I would like to find someone interested in the warbird fly out from Airventure that I could ride with. It's Wed July 26 and to Mosinee, Wi about 67 miles NW. Usually leave in the morning, have lunch there and then back before the afternoon show.
    We used to go 90 miles south to Lake Lawn and it was some of the most fun times I ever had with warbirds. There was no control tower or atc or faa involved and the folks who owned the airport and resort really liked airplanes and encouraged lots of low passes, etc. We tried to make it fun for them and the hundreds of people who came out to line the roads and watch. And I never saw a mishap, tho truth be known we might have been just a wee bit over the FAR allowed airspeed under 10,000 feet, I was looking for traffic and not at the ASI much, and really when you are busy those 3s look like 2s dont they?
    I would, of course, expect to pay for my ride, dont expect to go for free, and I know what things cost. I have time and or ratings in a few warbirds, T-6, Spit, Mustang, T-34, Cub etc. Dont have twin or jet rating, have a little B-17 time. Also good at wiping down and fueling post flight and can amuse with lots of stories that I heard over the years from guys like Reg Ursuler, etc. Some of them may even be true. Im a CAF as well as EAA member.
    Any help would be appreciated, can send me a P M. Maybe even one of the Young Eagle rides I did is now flying their own warbird, I know one became a F-16 pilot.
    Thanks Bill Greenwood
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    Bill, I'm free that morning, would love to come as well, very exciting. I'm serious and of course will pay for the privilege. It would make a fantastic birthday present to myself which is 3 days later.

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