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Thread: WTS Plane Power Voltage Regulator Harness

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    First set of Bendix P leads for a 182.

    Printer is getting closer to replicating a Cessna 150 customer's wire stamping.

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    I now have 2 AWG red and black for battery wires.

    Custom patch cables.

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    New 3" spools with 100' of M22759/34 Tefzel dual wall airframe wire. Compact size for tool box storage! Follow the link for more info and certs.

    100' of 16 AWG M22759/34-16-9 $55
    100' of 18 AWG M22759/34-18-9 $50

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    Upsize shielded 8 AWG alternator power wire to shielded 6 AWG now only adds $15 for 4 place single engine airplanes.

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    Cool project to be finished after SUN 'n FUN, 172M external power/clock fuse assembly...

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    First time at SUN 'n FUN and first exhibit. Stop by and see the STC Atlee Dodge tray and PMA J-16 Hawker battery.

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    I wasn't able to make EAA this year, but my display is at the EnerSys Hawker battery exhibit at EAA this week. Big thanks to Dan Soltan for setting this up for me! It shows the size difference between the Cessna 182A original battery vs. the Hawker replacement with Atlee Dodge tray.

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    Dennis Ozment's 2019 Oshkosh Grand Champion, 1968 Cessna 150H N23232 restored with FAA mechanic A&P/IA Rodney Halfpap. Includes Pinpoint Harnessing power wiring with original style wire identification printed on fiberglass sleeves to simulate early nylon jacketed PVC insulated M5086 airframe wire. Also supplied with AA59569R30T1125 flat braid battery ground simulating the original lighter duty Cessna braid.

    More photos available on my Facebook page. Actual EAA photos coming soon.

    Ozment's first Grand Champion from 2017.

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    Laser engraving fuse holder caps for Cessna firewall fuse panel rebuild.

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