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Thread: WTS Plane Power Voltage Regulator Harness

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    WTS Plane Power Voltage Regulator Harness

    Plane Power voltage regulator harness with indicator wire for Cessna 4 cylinders. $100 delivered

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    Cessna 172 start switch and battery switch harnesses, $50 each.

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    172N land/taxi harness.

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    Updated my for sale page. New adaptor harnesses for converting later model Cessna's to Plane Power.

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    Cessna 172F Plane Power voltage regulator harness for geared generator to ER14-50 alternator conversion. PP harness comes without shielded wire. Operator requested a PPH harness shielded with correct Sumitomo (Toyota) sealed connector and contacts. $115 delivered.

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    RG 400 antenna coax now available.

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    Working on OEM style replacement cables.
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    Experimenting with a new flat braid swager and ferrules. I doubled the 1.125” braid for this ferrule which is excessive capacity for 4 place electrical system grounds. Definitely work well for 6 place electrical requirements.
    Note the seam on the Cessna 150 terminal. It’s a copper strap folded over the 7/8” braid. I’ll order .9” solid copper ferrules to try with this 1.125” braid. That should handle all 4 place electrical loads.

    5/16” hole on the new ferrule for common aircraft battery bolts, 3/8” hole on the old Cessna braid.
    Also I recessed the braid in the ferrule to allow a good seal with Dow Corning 732 RTV.

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    1.125” flat braid, 12” center to center, 1/4” hole and 5/16” hole with larger I.D. MS35489-16 grommet for the Cessna battery box. Sleeve is a flame retardant polyolefin heat shrink. $50
    Pictured is a Cessna 150 7/8” wide battery ground strap that originally used grommet MS35489-12.

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