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...I hear there are cheaper solutions available, but my plane is certified, so I'm not paying attention to those...
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Seeing how this is an EAA site that stands for Experimental, I am talking about experimental. I can say this about my friend. He is an award winner at Oshkosh for his work. But I will not share the link he sends me.
I apologize for my abrupt comment. It's great that there are sensible, low-cost ADS-B out solutions for experimentals. And, it's exasperating that there are only a handful of expensive, complex approved solutions for certified airplanes. I don't understand why the types of aircraft are treated differently in regards to the ADS-B Out mandate. I know EAA stands for Experimental, but my guess is that more than 50 percent of EAA members own and fly certified airplanes. I'm sure that attendance at the annual Oshkosh event is well more than 50 percent certified aircraft. Probably more like 75 percent. And, I'm not the only certified airplane owner who is not happy with being required to install expensive ($5K-$6K) for a new transponder. It shouldn't cost that much.