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Thread: O-200 Prestolite starter

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    O-200 Prestolite starter

    Does anyone have a source for Prestolite starter MZ4214 sprag clutch repair kit, TCM p/n 639297 ??

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    This is listed as a spacer kit for the sprag clutch. Searching on line, I only found one vendor that lists the part, and it states *obsoleted 2015*. But if I read their listing correctly, they are showing 2 in stock. EDGCUMBE G&N, INC (800) 621-1319 You've probably already tried them....

    It looks like your Prestolite starter has reached end of life. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I'd recommend changing to the SkyTec C12ST2 starter. This starter has a small extension on the nose of the starter so you won't have to remove the needle bearing that supports the end of the Prestolite starter drive. So it's a bolt on replacement.

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    I second the Sky-Tec recommendation. I pulled the boat anchor starter off the O-200 in my Fokker D.VII replica and replaced it with the Sky-Tec. An AGM wheelchair battery is all that is needed to spin the Continental with vigor, and the loss of nearly ten pounds was a bonus.
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