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Thread: How can I get my local EAA Chapter out of bed with the local cops and FAA?

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    If I recall correctly, the EAA charter states EAA is to be an "apolitical" organization.

    Inviting people to the meetings who carry guns and threaten others with fines or imprisonment if they do not comply with them, does not strike me as being particularly apolitical.

    I dont let my kids attend anything where guns are present; I just read too many stories of guns going off by accident because of incompetence and hurting people. It seems to be in the news all the time, about the police of gun enthusiasts shooting others or themselves by accident.

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    Yeah, those things are almost as dangerous as airplanes.
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    I am a founding member of my EAA chapter here in North Lake Tahoe/Truckee and we are now in our 22nd year. We are a very active chapter compared to most and we draw members from Reno, Carson City. South Lake Tahoe and Minden. Why do they come? Because from the very beginning I knew we had to have a solid board of directors. They had to the "doers" and not the followers in order to keep the chapter alive and well. We acquired a building on the field that had been abandoned and needed major repairs to make it habitable by going to the airport board of directors and asking for it. It was slated to be torn down for the cost of 25K. We asked them to give us the 25K by paying for needed materials to bring the building back to life and they did. Why did they? Because our chapter members at the time (takes 10 to form a chapter) committed to teaching our local youths the basics of aviation including building. We called the program Operation School Flight. We went to the superintendent of schools and told them what we wanted to do and they agreed to give us a trial run. 5 years later we were teaching up to 20 kids ages 14 to 18 about aviation and 5 earned credits toward graduation. It got to be a bit too much for the handful of EAA "teachers" and we lost some support from a new superintendent so we closed that portion of our activity and were asked to lead a restart of our local airshow which was closed down in 1997 due to burn out from the members and lack of appreciation and support by our airport board. Those were the ugly days but we stayed strong by staying together and working out our problems.

    For the past 6 years our EAA chapter has taken the lead in putting on the Truckee Tahoe AirShow & Family Festival along with the Truckee Optimist Club and the KidZone Museum. We are all non profits and the airport pays us to put on the show. Why would they do that? Because they finally saw the light through 3 surveys paid for by the airport asking the locals what they liked and didn't like about the airport in order to learn why they were getting so many noise complaints. Turned out to be a small handful of people literally sitting by their phone and calling in a complaint each and every time an aircraft "disturbed" them for one reason or another. The really strange finding from the survey was that over 95% of a those polled asked "what happened to the airshow" and that they'd like to see it's return. It has been a win win for each of our non profits AND the airport district.

    We have a rain, snow or shine pancake breakfast each and every 2nd Saturday of the month (we only cancel with the snows are too deep the morning of the breakfast due to snow removal scheduling). We also have a general membership meeting and "pot luck" dinner the 3rd Wednesday of each month with attendance fairly weak during the winter months and fairly strong in the summer which I believe is normal.

    So there you have it. If any of you would like more information just drop me a note to

    Tim LoDolce
    President EAA1073 and Executive Director of the Truckee Tahoe AirShow & Family Festival

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    I agree Danny. It is not only EAA national's policy of staying apolitical but it's our local EAA chapters policy by choice. By staying out of the political problems we stay neutral and respected. It goes a very long way in keeping the chapter strong.


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    I joined our local EAA club shortly after completing my VariEze. One of the"head honchos" asked me to fly some young eagles. I told the hh I didn't have insurance. "Oh don't worry about that, the EAA has insurance that will cover you." (Please note the quotes - he said that). Stupidly I flew the young eagles. Two days later, after a lot of thought, I called EAA Headquarters. NO HOW, NO WAY DOES EAA COVER YOUNG EAGLE FLIGHTS. Okay, back to hh. "Hey, EAA doesn't cover young eagle flights." "Oh, well that's too bad". Arghhhhhh! Well, stupid of him but even more stupid of me. A year later I was in the middle of an RV7 project. The local EAA President asked if I would host a meeting at my location and show my project. Of course! So, I hauled and bunch of chairs, hauled a bunch of tables, cleaned the garage and put a program together. Head Honcho, mentioned above, decided to have a hot dog feed instead. The President kind of apologized. At the next experimental AVIATION association meeting, a kite (seriously) program and demonstration was held which effectively closed the airport to AVIATION. I resigned the following day. Back to the topic. I'm not sure how the FAA and local cop shop talks you mentioned relate to AVIATION, but, I will dag gone sure guarantee you, kite (seriously) flying which closes an airport to AVIATION has nothing to do with AVIATION!!!!!

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    Wow, we just show up and talk airplanes and stuff at our meetings, usually with a piece or part that has failed or is often installed incorrectly.
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    Wait, we banned this choppergirl right, with 1,257 posts, 1,284 pictures uploads, and 445 likes?

    That's a tough bunch of aviation propeller heads to get that kind of ratio of likes from. Aeronautical engineers and their homebrew ilk are extremely stingy with their likes.

    Let's get the ball rolling and ban anyone from the forum who shows up at Oshkosh or an EAA chapter with an old war bird with Russian, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, or Japanese* insignia on the tail, because well... their political system was (or is) violently hostile and inflammatory to our own and was hell bent at one time (maybe still is) to see our government destroyed. Who's with me on that one?

    Whoops.... ban one anarchist for asking a question and expressing her political affiliation, open a can of worms.

    *Did I forget British? I do recall them burning Washington at one time... as I understand it they didn't think too kindly or have any respect for our laws or Constitution... as in, let's just torch the place and all your laws with it.

    Bye bye Spit's and SE5a's.... MiG's, Sukoi's, Fokker Triplane's, Albatros's, Storch's, BF-109's, FW-190's, and Zero's...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvhwd View Post
    Wait, we banned this choppergirl right, with 1,257 posts, 1,284 pictures uploads, and 445 likes?

    Well she posted yesterday so I guess she isnt banned from here......

    In response to the thread, I used to love my chapters meetings when I lived in Houston, now I live in Louisiana they only meet at restaurants and at times that dont work for those of us that have regular work schedule. 6.30pm on a Wednesday? How am I meant to get to that???
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