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Thread: How can I get my local EAA Chapter out of bed with the local cops and FAA?

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    I joined the EAA and later an Ultralight club. I never joined an EAA chapter for those negative reason on the or at the edge of the subject mater here. I felt very unwelcome . The great transition to stamping out the Ultra light movement was well near complete.
    Now that I have succeeded in my endeavor , I would still not be accepted in an EAA chapter with any worth or opinion. I do not see any real future for a truly experimental organization . What is really more experimental than a new UL design?
    What fires up the minds of a younger crowed more than a real open to all venue?
    The EAA and there high and mighty attitude, largely fed by regulation and wealth.
    Ultra lights require only to fly within a small set of regulation and are then immune to extensive training or actually any training.This is so distasteful to them.
    Also require no financial elevation. No wonder I felt uncomfortable and unwanted. I had none of this, yet designed and I built and fly. I call that real experimental freedom. And and still many want to stamp out UL . EAA chapters continue to whine about diminishing membership .Its only a matter of time and you to will be gone. And there will be a small group of well to do jet pilots left. Certainly smaller.
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