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Thread: Inexpensive aircraft data plate solution

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    I have purchased a couple HB that had serial number 001 for this was the first kit the builder built. If it was me, I would use the serial number the kit manufacturer uses. One of these examples was a Rans. Now years later when I look back at paper work for these airplanes, I can not go by serial numbers for more then one had the same serial number. I must go by manufacturer or N number if it had an N number.


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    Great discussion and feedback! Thanks everyone for chiming in.

    Anyone know the process for changing the S/N on a currently registered aircraft (EAB)...did a review of the registration process on the FAA website...not particularly enlightening!


    Edit- here is what has to be done in my particular case with no Airworthiness Certificate issued as of yet... after talking with FAA at the Registration Branch...

    Create an Amendment Affidavit, notarize, submit AC-8050 with updated change(s), include $5. I also submitted a cover letter explaining what I was doing and why.
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