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Thread: Big Wood Prop

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    Big Wood Prop

    A friend has a big 8 ft. wooden prop, not airworthy. Tag says, 1920's Allen Gardner Propeller Co., Forest Park, IL. Other numbers on the hub are ES.568, ERA. 5803, T.C. 382 and D.8'6". Might have been used on an OX-5, not real sure.

    Anyone have any idea as to the value of this prop, and any museum that would like to have it? Or if someone has a long wall in their man cave....

    Larry Clark
    Oro Valley, AZ

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    I would hang it up in my garage


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    I've seen split props like that go for $30 on Craigslist as man cave art... almost bought one myself to use as a pattern to make a new prop out of...
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