Hi everyone,

I have a Bell P-39D1 Airacobra that fought in the battle of the Bismark sea and served at Milne bay and Lae in New guinea in the pacific with the 35th FS in WW2, it has a good story, one confirmed air to air kill, several ground kills, two barges sunk, (kill and barges visible on the side), bell aircraft made a magazine ad about this plane a pilot in the war, it is an extensive project made up of mostly original parts, some nos parts and some new build parts. it includes the fuselage keel, rollover, wings, tail section/empannage with control surfaces, many smaller parts and sections.

asking $60k for it if any rebuilders are interested. I am rebuilding another airacobra myself and can provide pre formed and heat treated sheet metal sub assemblies for anyone wanting to rebuild it.

Located in Australia


(some photos, too much to list)

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