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Thread: Camping Dump Station

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    Camping Dump Station

    I am going to be camping in a tent at EAA 2017, with the Dump Station do they have a place to dump grey & black water from a five gallon pails or do you have to have a special container? The five gallon black water pail would be just urine and the other pail would be grey water from washing dishes.

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    I don't think you need anything special, the sewer dump is just a pipe opening that you would normally insert your dump hose, so if you pour carefully you should be good.

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    Just a suggestion, but you are probably near a Porta Potti, right? We have some in our group on the flight line that have a plastic "urinal" for overnight use......they merely walk over to the nearest porta potti and dump it. Hauling a 5 gallon bucket over to a porta potti might cause some notice, and let's face it.....that's a lot of pee to deal with. You probably don't want to know what I do with my "grey water" after washing dishes....
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    This conversation is in the dump........
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    Do not dump things into port-a-potties. They're really only designed for the "point of use" disposal. There are drains around you can safely dump your gray water into.

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