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Thread: What makes your chapter great?

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    What makes your chapter great?

    OK, so what makes you want to attend your chapter meeting?

    I get the ability to meet with people and hear their success stories on building thier plane. That has given me some confidence to start my build. The best thing about our chapter are the work parties where we help restore classic WWII planes. The best place to hear about who will be there and when they will take place is the chapter meeting.

    What makes your meeting a must not miss?


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    Apparently there aren't any great chapters, or, anyone willing to talk about them.

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    The silence has been somewhat overwhelming.

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    I've been in quite a few chapters over the years as I moved around with the USAF. They were all different. Of course, the larger chapters, i.e. Albuquerque and Springfield, Virginia had a lot of experience and a lot of people to contribute to programming etc. Sometimes, I've found the smaller chapters are more cohesive and if they have a wealth of experience, the people are really willing to help you with issues on your projects. Perhaps more important, I've found a mentor in each chapter I belonged to -- someone willing to watch over you, motivate and keep you on track. Good programming is difficult in small chapters, but the EAA video series has helped to overcome that.

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