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Thread: Sheet Metal For Newbs

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    Big Grin Sheet Metal For Newbs

    I just installed Solidworks 2016 (..thank you EAA!!) and I am totally lost on how to make parts in sheet metal.

    I am use to Autodesk Inventor and Fusion so I have NO IDEA how you go about doing this..

    Help would be a good thing!

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    The best place to start is open Solidworks. Go to the help menu. You can find the menu by clicking on the arrow in the upper left side of the page, nest the Solidworks logo. The second item on the drop down help menu is tutorials. Look for the tab for "All Solidworks Tutorials". That will bring up a long list where you will find "Sheet Metal". That is the place to start.

    After working through the tutorial, you can come back here and ask for help with specific problems you might have.

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    You can also get some very good FREE and well done tutorials on Youtube here:
    There is also a web site with associated pdf training documents, and files.... here: It's all free.

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