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Thread: FS Flying School for FSX and many other Flying Sims

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    FS Flying School for FSX and many other Flying Sims

    If you have not seen this I wanted to share this. Its a really cool product and helps with training and just gives another level to your flying sim. You can even post your scores on-line. You can work traffic patterns at any airport or fly circuits at any airport. I can not explain all this can do. Check it out for yourself. Maybe we can start a thread showing ones scores and comparing results.

    Anyway check this out for yourself and see what you think.


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    I believe I have posted this already. If this is the case please delete this thread.

    Thank you.


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    My last flight: I can do better, or so they

    Learjet 45 ended Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:40
    FSFlyingSchool Pro 2017 (December 15 2016)
    Using: FSX
    Visibility: 6.84 Miles Wind: 3 Knots

    Aircraft: BOMBARDIER ID: JA-068X Airline: Flight:
    Flight plan: KTAZ TO KSPI Springfield:Abraham Lincoln Capital NAV1: ISPI
    Failure(s): None at landing
    Failure Event(s) (Zulu Time): None
    Failure Bonus:0% Flight Duration:00 Hours 29 Mins 48 Secs

    Landing Score:114.64

    Landing was successful in the following areas:
    • Good glideslope on ILS approach. [80%]
    • Good alignment with runway on ILS approach. [70%]
    • Gentle touchdown. [49 FPM]
    • Good landing speed - not too fast. [99 KIAS]
    • Wings were level.
    • Landed on runway surface.
    • Glideslope held until flare.
    • Good pitch control after touchdown.
    • Good pitch at landing. [12 degrees]
    • With flaps - good job. [40 degrees]
    • Heading aligned with runway.
    • Throttle(s) idle.
    • Good controlled final descent to touchdown.

    Landing included the following problems:
    • Without spoilers armed - arm them before landing.
    • Poor steering after landing - stay on the centre line.

    Definite room for improvement...

    Flight Score:105.88

    Flight commended in the following areas:
    • Smooth turns.
    • Nice banking.
    • Gear deployment at safe speed.
    • Comfortable G forces.
    • Smooth pitch control.
    • Flown within aircraft's maximum speed limit.
    • Gentle taxi turns.
    • Good take off steering.
    • Rotation was not late.
    • Safe taxi speed.
    • Smooth braking during taxi.
    • Smooth climb during takeoff.
    • Wings level near ground.
    • Well coordinated turns.
    • No stalls.
    • No flying dangerously close to stall speed.
    • Pitch not too high.
    • Pitch not too low.
    • Approach speed not too fast.
    • Good clearance of obstacles.

    Flight included the following problems:
    • Exceeding flap speeds - your flaps may be damaged: have them checked.
    • Rapid descent - dangerous and uncomfortable.
    • Flaps not down on time - plan your landing next time.
    • Excessive speed at low altitude - several complaints have been filed.

    Definite room for improvement...

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