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Thread: New style Continental cylinders vs Millennium

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    New style Continental cylinders vs Millennium

    Can anyone advise on the differences between the new continental cylinders and the millennium cylinders for a 0-300B engine. The continental kit require a conversion kit and this adds significantly to the cost. Which would be the best choice. Thanks.

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    What does this conversion kit include?

    I've used Millenniums on my 520 (still have them), had nickel Titans on my old Cub, and now have a complete Superior EX engine with Millenniums for the new Cub. The change from old TCM to Continental San Antonio adopted ECI's through-hardened steel barrels instead of the old nitrided barrels. SAP's Millenniums also use the through-hardened process. Continental offers the nickel bore and I'm a fan, but not so much so to buy a Titan EX 370 engine over the bigger, more powerful Superior 400 engine that I bought. You can find lots of AD horror stories in the histories of ECI and Superior cylinders but they appear to have worked out the bugs and are now producing durable and reliable cylinders.

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