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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    A place to sit
    1/14/18, Dangit, cold again. Here is the seat I worked on a few hours Thursday and Friday. The seat was cut out flat, bent the 5?8" flange on the bottom, then the flange was run through the shrinker to force the seat into the round. It was then clamped and riveted to the seat base. I have to do some more work like bend the upper edges backward, cover with foam, leather, and lace the edges.
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    The last pic I think Lori is starting to be more supportive of the plane. She got me some signage.
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    Oh so very cool. I was asked to give a presentation on the build by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, of the World War I Historians, at the Nation Air and Space Museum, Udvar Hazy today. So very cool. Met some great people, some I have met before, and learned a great deal. I was invited back and they would like me to keep them updated.

    Schwing schwing

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    1/21/18, So here is what I was working on today and a picture of a new acquisition. I started rolling the edges of the seat with a plastic body working hammer and a dolly. I have some wrinkles to work out. See in some areas the metal is being stretched and in others it is bunching up. As a fried likes to say, metal is more plasticized than people give it credit. This 2024 T-3 aluminum has already moved quite a bit at this point.

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    I also got in my aluminum/bronze bushing stock, 2 3/4" O.D. X 1 1/2" I.D. These bushings are going around the 2 1/8" steel axle and inside the 6"+ wide motorcycle style wheels I will be making.

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    The acquisition I got was a rotary cross slide table that I will use to drill hole circles for the spokes, mounting bolts for the disc brake rotor, as well as other hole circles I will have to drill.

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    Good to be in the shop today. Did find the start of a little rust, from the recent humid weather, on the lathe and rotary table so they are sprayed with WD 40 and the whole shop will get a good going over later this week.


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