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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    5/31, The Marcotte direct gear drive PSRU should ship by the end of the week.
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    6/4/17, Not much to show as I have been busy with a residential client and house projects. But here if the cool clamps I welded up this week.
    These are double bolted Fokker clamps. They mount on the cross bar at the front of the cockpit and carry the adjustment for the rear gun saddles.
    Name:  Fok adjustable rear gun mount.jpg
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    Very nice, and now I understand what all the fuss in making them was about.
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    The PSRU came today

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    Hoping to have something to show by the end of the week. Maybe Sunday

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    6/13/17, I had to un-crate the Marcotte PSRU to spec all the bolts. I had seen the balancer peeking out when I checked for hardware the day it arrived but had not pulled any parts except to confirm all the hub hardware returned. I will pick up some grade 8 automotive bolts for now and may drill them or order some drilled from AS later. Be cool to mock this up.
    I have to redo my rear MG brackets as they came out slightly crooked then I think I will work on the cowling mount tubing and associated clamps. Then if I weld in the LG cups and put this on its legs it will start to look like a D VII.
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    Neato! Nothing like having heavy things coming out of a big box to make one smile!
    The opinions and statements of this poster are largely based on facts and portray a possible version of the actual events.

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    6/18/17, Almost done with the cowl hoops and associated brackets. Gotta hate it when you run out of acetylene on Friday night. The first pic is of the hoops and the jig I made to position them to measure the angle between the engine bearer tubes and the cowl hoops.
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    2nd pic is of the two upper cowl hoop brackets.
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    3rd pic shows the lower cowl hoop brackets to the right and the grab bars that I started.
    Name:  Fok grab hoop clamps and lower cowl hoop clamps.jpg
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    Fourth pic is of the gun mounts and some triangulating support tubes.
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    6/25/17, Dang this is going to be a tall plane. Check out the pic with her legs on. I got the bungee boxes all welded up and one is on the axle box. For those that don't know bungee cords get wrapped tightly around the tubing of the two bungee boxes and looped over the axle. This provides the suspension for the front landing gear. The rear normally gets a skeg and that is supported by a bungee as well. Third pic is of the cowl hoops mounted with all 4 brackets. It is starting to look like a D VII. The last pics are the pilots step and rear ground handling loops.
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    7/9/17, I promised some progress pics. The first pic is of some tabs that are welded on so that the very thin plywood turtle deck can be attached. It gets formed over a jig so that it has the matching curve and then it just gets bolted to these tabs.

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    The second pic is of some simple clamps I made to attach things like the floor panel and two of these are the most forward turtle deck clamps. I am sure I will be making many more of these.

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