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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    4/30, Work this week. I was getting antsy just finishing up all the partial cluster and wire loop welds so I did a little fabricating as well. Here you see the lower wing attachment gusset boxes. Later after the wing gets made and the attaching brackets are positioned these boxes get marked, drilled, and a sleave welded in so the bolt can pass through for the wing. I also welded in the 3 13mm cowling and turtle deck hoops.

    Name:  Fok lower wing gussets.jpg
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    Name:  Fok cowling and turttle deck hoops.jpg
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    I started messing with the bungee box assemblies that weld on to the sides of the axle boxes but this was at the end of a 14 hour day. You know you have had enough when you cant see your weld puddle anymore. Time to stop before you break something, blow a big hole, or get frustrated.
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    While waiting for a fellow builder to show up so we could bend him some wire loops for his DR I build I made a simple fixture to prop the tail post level so I could start jigging up the engine bearer tubes. As you can see we are all level.
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    I hope everyone building got some time in this weekend.

    Gentle breezes and fair skys


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    Would it be possible to get a well focused close-up photo of the highlighted area?

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    I do have a few pot holes in that area. Going back over that next ti me I fire up the torch.


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    5/4/17, So I had to make the engine bearer brackets before I weld up the engine bearer tubes. I made 8 but probably only need 5 or 6. I also mocked up a fixture for welding up all the support tubes tubing for the engine compartment. Next week the fun begins.
    Tomorrow I help set up for the Manassas airshow then get a new client midday, and Saturday I am working at the airshow.
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    That motor looks like a 235 Chevy 6?

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    Mallory, 1969 Ford 300 inline 6. I will put an Offenhauser intake and 4 barrel Holley on it with a Marcotte 1-1.97 PSRU. Hoping to run a 100+" prop
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    5/13, Been slow on the headway with the engine bearers. Boy these tubing clusters get crowded and coping the ends of the tubing gets quite involved. I have to run out to Spahr Metric in Winchester on Monday to pick up a length of 25 mm X 1.5 mm (speced as 25 X 1.25 but I am going with what is in stock). I also need one more 20 mm X 1 mm tube then I think I am covered.
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    Been busy with a new client this past week and may be looking at a pretty tough month starting this week. Always a blessing and a lot of work. I am shooting for completing the engine compartment by end of the week. We will see.


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    Engine bearers almost done
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    5/21/17, This weeks work. A friend came by today with his conduit bender to see if we could put a tight radius on some 18 mm X 1 mm tubing. I capped the end with a welded plate and filled it with sand. Nope, wasn't happening as it kicked up on me. I also doubt I could bend the radius I need with just heat. The deal would be a mandrel bender. I am going to think about bending some of the 10 mm X 2 mm and maybe double them in the engine compartment and do singles in the four corners of the cockpit.
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    I was running low on oxy in the gas rig this week so I was piddling with some cross braces and hardware mounts. I will get some more oxy and filler rod tomorrow.



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