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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    I just lost the two shortest riblets and had the material to make the two longer ones. Basically I just removed two and cut out the HAZ of the others and slip them down. One of the diagonals will get the HAZ cut out and re used. I carefully cleaned up the spar and am using that again. Everything is retacked after loading the sundry parts and may have it finished enough for a side by side progress pic Sunday.


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    Good to hear it wasn't major surgery.

    I'm impressed with your work - the best I ever did was throwing a bead line down a bit of stock back in High School.
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    10/15/18 Yes I started over with a new fuselage Friday. The first one was rather dubious at best. So with much improved welding skills and sticking to gas (oxy/acet) welding Lets get to it.
    First pic is of the two new sides and this pic also displays the cleat system I used same as in the very first fuselage. The second side I did start using steel plate shields under the welds and failed to ignite the table top. Bomber idea.Name:  Fok fuse new.jpg
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    Second pic shows a tubing cluster and the degree of notching involved. Those are all hand cut and requires lots of back and forth with test fitting. Oh my feet hurt that night.Name:  Fok fuse new 2.jpg
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    Third pic shows some welding back where the top longeron does a step down and incidence change for the horizontal stabilizer. The tag end of the longeron there gets trimmed when the welding is all done.Name:  Fok fuse 3 welding.jpg
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    Fourth pic is a shot from the front showing the fixture used to mock up both sides of the fuse so that the cross members can be fit and tack welded. And the fifth pic shows the fixture from the rear.Name:  Fok fuse 4.jpg
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