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    Goggles Building a Fokker D VII

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I realized that although I am keeping a build log on FaceBook and on The Aerodrome websites, I am a member of this association and should be keeping a build log here to share the journey with you all. With that I have some catching up to do. First off I had to build the Flugzeugwerke.

    Name:  Fok flugzeugwerke.jpg
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    I started making tooling, build work tables, and buy an engine (yes that is an old Ford 300 inline straight 6) whih is the epitome of a bullet proof engine. The lathe is an 80 year old Clausing 100 series. I haven't used a lathe since I made dad a center punch in 8th grade shop. Purchased a welder, band saw, seconds in angle grinders and screw guns. Even bought a couple rivet guns since I was originally build all flight surfaces in in AL tubing. I built the tail surfaces in tube and rivet only to realize that I didn't trust a 2000lb plane with a 9 foot propeller giving 1000lbs of thrust to tubes and rivets. I am per Replicraft plans building this plane as a replica.

    Name:  Bracket and hinge making tools.jpg
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    Name:  Fok beast.jpg
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    Name:  Fok lathe.jpg
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    Here are some of the parts I have built since September.

    Name:  Engine bearer brackets all of them.jpg
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    Engine bearer brackets

    Name:  Fok 90 degree bending fixture for the press.jpg
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    Axle blocks

    Name:  Fok box O Fokker nuts.jpg
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    Coweling nuts (Fokker Nuts)

    Name:  Fok brake.jpg
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    Sheet Metal brake

    Name:  fok ball joints.jpg
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    Ball Forks

    Name:  Fok pulleys horizontal stabilizer supports and undercarriage brackets.jpg
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    Aileron Pulley Assemblies

    I have boxes with all my control surface hinges, wire tabs, aileron control cable pulleys and bracketry. Last week I received my order of streamline tubing from Aircraft Spruce and I have an order with Parker Steel in Ohio for most of the metric tubing for the fuselage, associated parts, and the 2 1/8" dia 3/16" wall tubing for my axle. I will post more to bring you guys up to date.

    Thanks for reading

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    1/27/17, Cool stuff going on. I can tell you to measure twice, then measure two more times. I made the plywood welding fixture yesterday. As you can tell I made the fixture to do both the right and left side undercarriage sections. Today i forged the tines of the ball forks, then fitted one of them to and welded it into one of the streamlined legs.
    Rather than move on to the next ball fork I couldn't help but start fitting the leg to the axle box. Take your time here guys and gals if you don't want to waste some expensive tubing. This is a complex cut on multiple planes and angles. I am proud not to have rushed as my fit was excellent hence I tacked it. I had to be careful as I have two sticks of this dimension tubing with only 10" extra per stick.
    Tomorrow I will weld a ball fork to the other leg and finish welding this being the left side assembly.

    Name:  Fok undercarriage fixture.jpg
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    Name:  Fok undercarriage leg tacked.jpg
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    Name:  Fok undercarriage complex fit.jpg
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    Name:  Fok engine cart with Bertha.jpg
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    Engine cart I made mocking up the forward Fokker fuselage in HD plumbing pipe. Very strong

    Name:  Fok cove cut spruce.jpg
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    Spruce gap fillers

    Name:  Fok hinges and engine bearer brackets.jpg
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    Hinges and engine bearer brackets

    Name:  Fok seat belt hardware.jpg
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    Seat belt hardware

    So you saw current work from the last day or so and some more catching up of parts already made.


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    Catching up some more

    Name:  Tabs and clips.jpg
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    Tabs and clips

    Name:  Fok axle box bending fixture.jpg
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    Axle box bending fixture

    Name:  Fok Jacobs hub.jpg
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    My new still wrapped Jacobs hub

    Name:  Fok model so far.jpg
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    Engineering model in CAD as I was going to do all AL originally

    Name:  Fok N struts aint they purdy.jpg
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    I made some N strut cups on the lathe purdy huh

    Name:  Fok nuts and throttle.jpg
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    Throttle with hand made vrass rivets

    Name:  Fok officer.jpg
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    My task master

    Name:  Fokkefr DVII of Lt. Aloys Heldmann (Jasta 10) 15 kills later flown by Red Baron's brother.jpg
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    This is the recreation I am going for of Aloys Heldmann


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    Neat project. You mentioned Aerodrome at the beginning, but this is a scratch-build project, correct?

    Also, what engine is that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fokker Builder View Post

    Name:  Fok officer.jpg
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    My task master
    Wrong war. :-)

    Ron Wanttaja

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    Here is a link to it is not Robert Baslees company. There are many builders, enthusiasts, and modelers including resources, litterature, and research into the Great War, pilots, and aeroplanes.

    The engine I am using is a Ford 300 IL 6 from 1979. This engine is the epitome of bullet proof. It has been used in dump trucks, UPS trucks, ramp vehicles, automobiles and small trucks for over 30 years. It was designed to operate between 3000 and 4000 RPM all day and do it for decades. 165 to 185 hp yeild with 367 tq. I am putting a 1-1.97 PSRU as well as a 4 barrel intake with a Holley carburator. Should wind up with about 190 to 200 hp and 900 tq at the prop. Looking to run between 104 to 110" propeller with a 9" cord.


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    Hi guys and gals,

    2/5/17, Wow, this is cool. Big pieces of the plane. Both right and left side of the basic undercarriage legs. I do have to bend some 2 mm 4130 for the two U shaped clips that get welded in for the bracing wires and this week I will make templates and cut 1 mm 4130 for the bungee cord assemblies that weld on each side of the axle blocks. The actual bungee tubes should arrive in 3 weeks.

    The welding went flawlessly. There was hardly any movement in the position of the ball forks in the jig. They didn't even move the entire 3/16" I allowed for. Thanks Jeff, best to be safe and sage advice.

    D VII

    Name:  Fok undercarriage legs.jpg
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