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Thread: Building a Fokker D VII

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    Here is the start of the vertical stabilizer. The first thing that got done was the small tube was welded to two sleeves. You have to get the angle just right as the two larger tubes slip through these sleeves and must meet at the right point. The apex gets bolted to a Fokker clamp that rides on the front cross member of the horizontal stabilizer. The rear bolts in at the top of that upright bracket at the tail post. I hope this weekend to make the two 1 mm brackets that get welded at the upper and lower terminus of the V.S. so that I can then mount the rest of the rudder gap filler. There is also two 10mm X 2MM bolt sleeves that get welded across those two ends. The upper one is for mounting stabilizing wires and a rudder hings and the lower is for mounting to the fuselage and a rudder hinge bolt.
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    Looks good, and a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.
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