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Thread: Rotax 582 voltage issue

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    Rotax 582 voltage issue

    I have a rotax 582 in a CGS Hawk. Recently the voltage was running 14.8 or even 14.9. Since the rectifier was 10 years old, I just got a new one and put it in, it is the Key West Controls blue box. After the new one was installed, I ran the motor and within 10 minutes had voltage of 14.8 showing on my EIS, so I put my voltmeter on it and it was reading 14.4. With an electric fuel pump running, the volts would be 14.6 and 14.1 respectively. The voltage readings were done in the shop with the engine at idle.

    The instructions with the rectifier say that the output is supposed to be 13.8.

    What am I missing?

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    Try reading the voltage with several meters. You may find your meter is no longer accurate. Ran into this recently and we tried 4 meters. The expensive fluke meter was wrong by reading 1.1 volt high. The others were witin .1 volt of each other.

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    What's the voltage on your battery? Sometime s a low battery will cause a high charge rate.

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    The regulator will only put out what the battery needs. If your battery is almost charged the regulator will be putting out very little. If your battery is dead it will put out more volts. If it did not do this your battery would over charge and start to boil. What you want to see is that it is charging. Hook your meter up without starting the engine. You will have battery voltage only. Keeping you meter hooked up start the engine. The voltage should rise to atleast 13.5 volts. That is what voltage the regulator will be at if your battery is charged. If you have a low or dead battery the voltage should be 14 volts or a little more. Any more then this and it's over charging.

    But the load supplied by your regulator is dependent on the voltage of the battery.


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