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Thread: Young Eagle, returning kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAVU Mark View Post
    We have a number of return YEs, as coordinator I fly kids with no flight experience first then on to the others. I have two YEs that are "Certified Simulator Flight Instructors" who watch over the newbies on our PCs. We also have a student membership and once the YE joins we ask parents to contribute by making lunch for the group (we pay for the food). Others want to hang around and I'll put a broom or dust rag in their hand. Show me an airport without dust and I'll eat my hat. I think if the kids want to be around the hangar then doing things around the place or even some aircraft will grown the bonds to our chapter and aviation. There is always something to do around Chapter 14.
    That is exactly what my dumb idea was referring to.

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    Good ideas

    Several good ideas have come from this forum. My chapter reminds the returning YE that these flights are for newcomers who must be flown first. After the newcomers have flown, if pilots are willing, they will fly with the returning YE again. In the meantime, we put the returning YE to work, too. Never ever would we cave to the returning YE or parent in demanding the co-pilot seat. That is really cheeky!

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    Excellent I totally agree. More on the educational aspect. It's needs to be about quality and quantity. Personalized attention to the older YE's who have a real desire for aviation. Maybe a questionnair before a kid makes a
    second or third flight.

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    Just spent some time with Chapter 180, their policy is returning kids can fly if they bring a new kid with them. Seems to work well for them.

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