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Thread: Archived video magazine download

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    Archived video magazine download

    Hi everyone.
    My name is Carlos and I've been elected EAA Chapter 538 President for 2017 here in Phoenix, AZ. We have been having issues securing presenters for our chapter meetings lately. I've inquired what interesting topics the members would like to have covered but am seriously disappointed on member input. Example, 1 suggestion proposed. Out of 50+ I got 1. So I'm turning to the EAA video magazine archive to have some type of topic to present. The issue is the wifi at the airport is less than optimal to stream a video without frustration. We tried before. Has anyone been able to download an archived video so it can be played from a computer? Yes I am now signed up for the emailed link to download future videos but won't be in effect until Feb.
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    I get an email monthly with a link to the video archive, where you can download the videos in .MOV format. The January edition is 825 MB. I'll bet one of the helpful EAA folk can email you the link.
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    Hello Carlos,

    I'll email you the link for the January Video. The link in the email will take you to the archives where you have access any of the videos back to when the program started! If you need anything else let me know.
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    I've found the archived webinars to also be great meeting programs. Our chapter particularly likes the Mike Busch webinars on engine maintenance and there are now around 50 of them. They can be shown without an internet connection by viewing at home and once the webinar has been fully buffered in RAM, closing the laptop lid (don't turn it off), connecting to a projector / monitor in the meeting room and moving the status bar back to the beginning or clicking on the circular restart arrow.
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