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Thread: Continental A-40 / A40 for sale

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    Continental A-40 / A40 for sale

    I am selling a Continental A-40 from my father's estate. Serial number 341. Bendix-Stromberg updraft carburetor. Single ignition / magneto makes it an A-40, A-40-2, A-40-3, or A-40-4. Engine time and cycles are unknown. No log books are available. It is mostly complete. The magneto is missing, but otherwise, it appears to be complete.

    We believe it was originally installed on a Taylor Cub, as my father mentioned a few times over the years that the engine and a Flottorp 6628C-27 wooden propeller he owned had come from a Cub.

    I'm asking $1,000.oo US or best offer. The engine is currently located in north Georgia USA. The buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and expenses. We can have the engine prepped for shipping (oil drained and engine strapped to a pallet). The property where it is located does have a loading dock, so we should be able to get it loaded on a truck.

    If interested, please send me a personal message through the forum.


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