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Thread: Piper PA 16 o-290D2 Conversion

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    Piper PA 16 o-290D2 Conversion

    I am in need for STC SA193SW from Hutchinson Aircraft in Borger Tx for the installation procedures for converting a Piper Clipper PA 16 to an O-290D2. I am helping a man get his Clipper airworthy after twenty years of sitting; he has had this conversion done and flew it three years(last in 1998). The problem is the logs are vague and I have no paperwork on the installation. The STC is not listed on the FAA web site. The phone in Borger Tx is not functional The STC was purchased in 1977 which I have the receipt for. Anyone that has information on Hutchinson STC #SA193SW please contact me at 417-529-5175 (Joplin, MO area) Thanks, Lynn Pitts, EAA 49054

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    Your best bet is going to purchase the Stewart STC, and go that route.

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