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Thread: New FAA Fees?

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    New FAA Fees?

    I just saw something on a general news site.
    As most of us know, there is a "super committee" in Congress working on a revised budget. This news item said a new Republican proposal is to generate more revenue, I think the figure was $300 billion by some new fees and ending some deductions.
    One of the new fees mentioned was more FAA fees.
    The short topic did not elaborate and I don't know what these fees are or who they were aimed at. But while the airlines have the deepest pockets, they also have the bigger lobby compared to general aviation and they may try to redirect any such fees onto gen or private aviation.
    Some level of increased fees for large corporate type general aviation might be valid, as they fly virtually every single flight on an instrument flight plan, no matter if the weather is CAVU, thus they use more of the federal system than a local flight in my Piper Cub.
    But for many of us in the sport side of private aviation, we don't need all the extra govt service or interference. Don't need, don't want.
    And we sure don't want to have the burden of paying for it, like the $15 million the feds just spent to add 1000 feet to our already 7000 foot runway here.
    It's something to be aware of and vigilant about.

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    Divide and conquer. If they impose fees on "Corporate type general aviation" who's next?
    Dan McCormack
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    They decreed new fees on 121 and I did not object because I did not fly 121.
    They decreed new fees on 135 and I did not object because I did not fly 135
    They decreed new fees on 91 and there was no one left to object.

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