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    It as to go higher than that! We need someone at the FAA to explain why they used the same acronym for two different topics!! Much confusion!
    I just sat through an EAA webinar on VMC Clubs tonight. See for a description of the program. The webinar itself was recorded, and a link to it will be available shortly, I'm sure.

    The basic approach they are using in a VMC Club is to use an A-V presentation of a scenario, stop it half way through, and then start asking a room full of members what they would do in this situation. It draws on the actual real-life experiences of the people, vs. the "book learning" they have long since forgotten. The hypothesis is that there is no one "right" answer, but that we all bring something to the table, whether we have 20 hours flight time or 20,000 hours. We all have experiences.

    Any EAA chapter can start a VMC Club and get access to the scenarios.
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