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Thread: Young Eagles Checkout

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    Young Eagles Checkout

    For anyone who has gone through the new checkout procedures in order to fly Young Eagles, what is that like.How long does it take to fill out the info? Anything really unusual required? By the way, EAA office says we do not have to use soc sec numbers, can put 999999999 in the box.
    I an not too good with computers and dont really like doing it on line, but I guess Ill give it a try.

    Its not the kids fault about the new red tape.

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    It was a quick, no-brainer.
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    Agreed. It's stupid that we have to do it, but it's harmless drivel. Imagine spending ten minutes completing an on line training course reminding you that you should remember to inhale and exhale periodically, or you could suffocate and that could lead to bad things. It's about that mindless.
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