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Thread: Possible Drone Story

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    Possible Drone Story

    We know Amazon has experimented with using drones for package delivery, cant be sure but this sounds like may be one?
    Funny story in the news yesterday about kids and Santa etc. There is some kind of electroinc gadget, maybe called Blue Dot, that allows quick orders to Amazon, even a kid can do it.
    And a kid did.
    Parents were surprised to find a package on their doorstep from Amazon and when unwrapped it turns out to be a deluxe $162 doll house. Checking with their 7 year old daughter discloses that she was playing with the Blue Dot and when the nice lady at Amazon asked if shed like to have the deluxe doll house, the litttle girl said sure. Parents knew nothing about it, but the other amazing thing is that the girl only placed the order 3 hours before! So maybe they live next door to the warehouse or Amazon did use a drone? the story isn't clear on that point.
    The parents donated the little house to a local Dallas charity, guess they already had another small house, and no feeliings hurt all around, just a good laugh.
    I happened to see a tv story last night about drone racing around a course inside a building, dont know if it will catch on but it looks quick. i havent tried one myself, but who knows maybe they will be a catgory in EAA some day.
    And if you are daydreaming about owning your own B-17, just dont push that Blue Dot.
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