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Thread: Post SOLIDWORKS Designs Here

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    RAF Mk II Reflecting Gunsight:

    A lot of noob mistakes in the design, but it turned out pretty good. It's sitting atop a WWII A-10A aircraft sextant.

    Note that it kinda "works". The reticle on the horizontal section is reflected in the angled plexiglass on top. Sure, it doesn't have infinity focus, and I can't adjust the sights for Pietenpols or RV-3s, but heck....

    It needs a base to sit atop a curved panel, and I may replace the printed reticle with slits and electroluminescent panels or LEDs.

    At my EAA meeting last night, I mentioned downloading Solidworks as a free EAA member benefit. One guy was shocked. He just bought a copy for work, and it cost almost $10,000.

    Nice benefit, folks.....

    Ron Wanttaja

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