And, to paraphrase my mechanic, he said "we've had issues with other Gyro House stuff, so we don't use them much."
So, maybe I should be a good little customer and just accept the fact that my expensive AI went belly up after 18 months/80 hours and shut up and buy another one.

Gyro instruments like your AI normally used to last more than 40 yrs. ( back before corporations created planned obsolescence ) I've replaced perfectly good working gyros over 40 yrs & 2000 hrs old just because some nut passed a rule that Radium Dials are hazardous waste.

The comment from the mechanic says a lot. Feel free to "dis" the manufacturer if you like ( just stick to confirmable facts ) but I think your best option is to buy another brand. Your life matters more than a few bucks and an AI can truly be life-saving.