Friday morning was just beautiful for flying,as my strip is still soaked and muddy I taxied to the paved highway about a mile, all controls were working fine cht was good so into the wind I went, pulling back on the stick at a little over 30 we were at 500 feet in a very short time as I realized the day before the farmer had tilled his summer fallowed field and it was a very rich black and I was going up like a viking rocket. I executed a left turn to exit this high rise situation and about 100yds. passed the black field at 500 ft. a down draft took me into the ground. I tried every thing to get away from this affect but I was tossed around like a leaf in a whirl wind. I initiated a left turn than a right but to no avail at escaping, then at maybe 20ft. elev.( ground effect) some semblance of lift returned but not enough to save me from a quite hard meeting with the ground. It took out my nose struts, tension struts,rear axle, left rudder cable and prop. About $850 along with fuel before my next flight. I've got about 8hrs. on this quicksilver Mx sprint and really like it. So if anyone knows somebody with some Quicksilver parts? Oh, I didn't get a scratch, landed in a very soft muddy field,great fun getting the bird out of the mud. Cheers, have a good holiday.